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Sarcasm can be funny at times but usually has a lot of truth in it.  A lot of times it is used as a safe way to voice someone’s “true” feelings in a semi safe way by saying, “I’m just kidding.”  It can be very hurtful and demoralizing because of the forum it is used in because the situation is usually in a room full of people.  Be very careful before you speak.  Think about what you are saying before you say it.

Gossip is nothing but something that you heard that someone else heard from someone else.  By the time the original sentence is repeated several times it is so far from the true that no one knows what happened.  Nothing, absolutely nothing good comes from gossip.  If you listen to it, you are participating.  Don’t do it.

Absolutes are hardly ever real.  There is rarely every a ‘never” or an “always” that is truly a never or always.  I always…..  or you never….  That just isn’t the case.  Those statements trigger negativity and animosity and almost always get you nowhere!  LOL

Judgmentalism is a critical spirit or a condemning attitude.  Ever been around someone who just hated anything and everything?  It’s raining! I hate rain.  It’s hot. I hate the sun.  It’s cold.  I hate winter.  What don’t you hate?  No one wants to be around someone like that.  She looks funny.  He laughs weird.  I could go on and on….  You know what I’m talking about.  Try smiling at someone.  It works wonders.

Expecting the worst puts you in a negative mind frame before you even get out of the bed.  When you expect the worst your mind will actually see things or interpret thing in a negative light when in fact they were not that way at all.  It’s like reading an email with a negative tone when the person writing it didn’t mean it that way at all.  Focus on the positive so that you mind will actually see the sunshine instead of feel the heat. 

What negative logs have been thrown on your fire?  I would like to hear!




  1. RobbieShe

    Love this post. It’s like what we all think but no one ever says. Gossip and judgmentalism is probably my worst 2 on here that I hate. No room for that stuff in my life. What I have thrown in the fire is getting rid of toxic people in my life. Sometimes, you just have to cut them out. They bring unwanted feelings, trust issues, and mental problems.

    • Angela

      Very true. People can be very toxic and at times we have to get rid of things that are toxic. Surrounding ourselves with things that are positive and uplifting is very important to our health. If it isn’t helping us grown then it isn’t healthy. I have problems with being critical myself so I have to be careful not to be judgmental of others. Thank you for your comments.

  2. David

    I actually quit a job a few years ago because I just couldn’t stand the gossip any more! There were two people in particular that were always at it. I tried to ignore them and went out of my way to avoid them. Most of it was absolute garbage and I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t speak up and tell them what I thought of it. I suppose I took the easy way out and just left but I felt it was starting to affect my health.

    • Angela

      You took the healthy way out!  Don’t ever second guess your decision to choose good health.  Good for you!

  3. Henry

    Hi Angela! From this list here, I think Sarcasm is the most subtle. It could be funny and even healthy. But I also know it could be devastating. Some forms of sarcasm really hit the nail on the head. There are folks that master this concept and they even polish it as generations go on. I believe we must always be careful and judge our real intentions before we speak. A well crafted sarcastic comment for a laugh at a party may not justify the wounds that those words produce.

    • Angela

      I truly have to work at this one.  Sarcastic remarks are my specialty so you hit it right on the head when you stated that, “we must always be careful and judge our real intentions before we speak.”  Thank you for the reminder!


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