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Hello Everyone!

My name is Angela and I would like to take this moment to introduce myself. I have a personal interest in natural healthcare. Being an athlete since I was in elementary school laid a foundation for a lifestyle of exercise however, I was never concerned about what I ate or what I might be doing to by body with stress, chemicals, or by over working and not sleeping.

As I journeyed through life and college basketball was over, the reality of understanding how to maintain my weight kicked in. 80 pounds later, I went on the Jenny Craig diet and ran 10 miles a day. Not knowing that I was starving myself and stripping my body of every stress fighting hormone I had. I lost the 80 pounds, went on about my business and was living the American dream.

I had a wonderful husband, three kids (2 in college, 1 senior in high school), great job, and a big house. Then my world can crashing down with the unexpected death of my husband. Four years and 70 gained pounds later, I found myself with high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, underactive thyroid, low metabolism, depression, anxiety attacks; you name it, I had it.

How did I get here?

All of this, was a result of me not knowing how to take care of myself. I allowed years of stress, processed food, lack of sleep, working too much among other things slowly start killing my body.

I had to decide that I wanted to feel better and be around for my kids and grandkids. It has been a slow process and I am not there yet but maybe through sharing our experiences and supporting one another we can strive to be better. It’s a natural lifestyle.

I want to hear from you!



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I am always discovering more natural ways to strive to be healthier and treat whatever ails you, or even help the environment.   As I do, I will update this website so please check us out periodically for new and exciting information.

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