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Avocado Egg English Muffin


1-100 percent whole-wheat English muffins, split and toasted

2 teaspoons whole-grain mustard

2 small avocado, sliced (can smash if preferred)

Fresh dill

2 pouched eggs

Directions:  Top the English muffin with the mustard, pouched egg, avocado, and dill, dividing evenly. Serve immediately



  1. Heath

    Lots of great information! I think it’s difficult for most people to live healthy lives these days. Everyone is living such busy lives and taking care of their families they neglect themselves.

    I personally love the idea of natural health, I too practice home remedies for ailments and LOVE my essential oils! I always try to treat any ailment naturally first, even my kids hate traditional medicine and ask for my oils first. Your site offers great information for all levels! Thanks for sharing!

    • Angela

      You are absolutely correct.  That was what I was doing.  It was a big wakeup call.  It has become a passion of mine to share and encourage others to take care of themselves.  Tomorrow is not promised.


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