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Is the Keto Diet Healthy?

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Well first of all, what is the Keto Diet?  The keto Diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, and replacing it with fat. The reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.  Now with that being said, Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides energy. As opposed to glycolysis, ketosis metabolizes fat to provide energy.

Now that we understand that, let’s answer the real question, “Is the Keto Diet healthy?”  The answer depends.  It depends on whether you do it right and make sure that you follow the sounds of your body.  There are three major mistakes that people make when going on the Keto Diet.

  1. Not getting enough Fiber, Vitamins, or Micronutrients

Most Americans get their fiber from carbs in bread, fruits and veggies most of which are too carby to get or keep you in ketosis.  It is important to find and maintain a healthy intake of fiber to support regularity, lower risk of heart disease, and cancer.  It is also important to supplement with a high-quality multivitamin and a micronutrient blend with antioxidant-rich plant extracts to replace those vitamins being missed by not eating the carby fruits and veggies

  1. Electrolyte Imbalances

The drastic decrease in carbs and processed foods naturally decreased your sodium levels.  Not only that, stored glycogen, which can hold up to three grams of water per gram, also gets depleted during this time.  What this means is your kidneys go from retaining water to letting go of it in the form of urine.  When this happens, important electrolytes are also flushed out.  It is especially important that you pay attention and get enough sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.  Without these you could experience severe dehydration.

  1. Exercise

The type of exercise that one should do during the Keto Diet should be really pondered.  Since you are not getting any carbs to fuel your muscles it is important to do low impact and short intervals.  High impact and long workouts will completely tear down a body that has no carbs to fuel the muscles.  It will also intensify the dehydration. Yoga and walking are some good suggestions of workouts that a person could incorporate in a Keto Diet.

  1. Protein Intake

It is important that you figure out what your Macros should be.  There are many “Keto Calculators” on the web that will help you figure out how many carbs, fat, and protein you should be eating per day based on your current, gender, body fat and activity levels.  If you eat too much protein, your body will metabolize it into a carb and you have just negated everything you are trying to do.  Many people do not understand that.

Now, after taking all of these things into consideration, it can be very healthy and effective!  I have lost 75 pounds in the last 12 months.  I am no longer pre-diabetic.  My blood pressure meds are gone.  I am off several other medications that I was having to take.  I feel and look like a new person!




  1. Akshay

    That’s an awesome post on Keto Diet. I’ve been understanding Keto Diet from quite a while now. I had no idea about it, couple of weeks back. I’m glad to read your post for its very well detailed information.

    I feel that it might be difficult for me to practice this diet as I live away from home and my work schedule is very tight. But It is always great to have a good understanding of the Keto Diet. Now I may be able to share this information with others as well.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post.

    • Angela

      Thank you for your post.  Once you understand what you can eat, you can fit this in just about anywhere.  I eat out and go and do just like everyone else does.  I just pull off the bread, skip the potatoes, know what has sugar in it and don’t eat it.  Restaurants will adjust if you just ask them to.

  2. Raquel

    I suppose, as with any type of diet, it’s best to consult your doctor and listen to your body. I know someone who’s been on a keto diet for quite a long night time now and she’s lost so much weight. It’s been really good for her and she is healthy. I know she also eats protein and exercises. So I think as long as you do it right, keto should be a good way to lose weight and keep yourself healthy.

    • Angela

      Yes you should absolutely consult with your physician before you start any new diet or exercise program.  Many doctors are beginning to come around to the benefits of the Keto diet.  It has been used for many years now.  Thanks for your comments.

  3. Dominic

    Wow! Congratulations Angela for losing a whopping 75 pounds, getting out of pre-diabetes and off your medications because of the Keto diet, it appears to me that it really made a big difference in your life.

    I’m an obese guy right now and I’m wondering whether I stand a chance of going keto as well. Can you advice me on some small steps I can do starting today? How did you do it anyway when you first started? Any advice or motivation on how to keep the diet consistent?

    • Angela

      You can absolutely get started and be successful.  The first two weeks is the hardest.  Detoxing your body of the carbs and sugar is what most people find the most difficult.  Utilize the Keto calculator so that you can figure out how many grams of protein vs how many grams of fat you need and then stick to 20 carbs a day.  It really boils down to that.  Eat when your hungry but make sure you stick to the correct ratio of protein, fat and 20 carbs per day.  You will find that the pounds will melt off very quickly and you are not hungry because you are eating.

  4. Touhidur Rahman

    Hi Angela

    This is a good article about keto diet product review. After reading this article I understand it’s importance. Obviously, It is healthy. I personally using it. It helps me to balance my protein imbalances, electrolyte imbalances, body fat , also improves my immune system. After all in my opinion I think everyone should use it once. Thanks for the article.

    • Angela

      I am glad to hear from another Keto advocate! Keep up the good work!

  5. Sue

    Hi Angela, I can’t thank you enough for finally explaining exactly what the Keto Diet is! Of course I’ve heard it talked about and I knew it reminded me of the Aktins Diet that was so popular years ago, but I wasn’t sure what the differences were. I had also just assumed that a diet high in fat would not be healthy. 

    I’m glad that you went into the reasons why the Keto diet could be potentially unhealthy because it seems like it’s very important for people to know about that stuff before starting on the diet. I suppose if one were aware of the three most common mistakes folks make on the diet and knew what precautions to take, they could lose weight in a very healthy manner, like you did.

    I sure would love to not have to take blood pressure meds anymore! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!


    • Angela

      Thank you Sue for your comments.  This has turned into a lifestyle for me.  I am sure that this is not for everyone but it will help a lot of people who need to lose weight and it is easy.


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