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Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are derived from naturally occurring sources, such as yams, soy, or herbs such as turmeric and are designed to replicate the same chemical structure as the hormones that are produced naturally by our bodies. Based on your hormone levels, a specialized compounding pharmacy can individually tailor a bioidentical hormone regimen specifically designed for you.

Natural bioidentical hormones therapy can help, women and men find relief from symptoms of hormonal imbalance without the risks that come along with synthetic hormones.

What Causes and Imbalance?

Almost all of us over the age of 30 begin to experience hormone imbalance. Over our lifetime, we are exposed to environmental and dietary toxins, which contribute to the natural decline of hormones as we age

Hormonal imbalances are the root of many chronic health problems and can increase your risk of serious disease. In women, the symptoms often first appear in perimenopause or menopause, when estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone production begins to diminish. Men experience a more gradual loss of hormones, mainly testosterone. The result is andropause, known as the “male menopause.”

The good news is that hormone losses and imbalances are correctible. Through the use of bioidentical hormones, men and women can not only be relieved of the symptoms, but also effectively protect themselves against heart disease.

How do I Know If I have an Imbalance?

Many factors such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid disease, metabolic syndrome, and sexual dysfunction can contribute to conditions and diseases that can occur at any stage in life, resulting from an imbalance of hormones:

As a result of hormone imbalance related to these conditions, you may be experiencing one or a combination of what have become known as the classic symptoms of aging:

Women Men
Weight gain Muscle Loss
Limited energy Weight gain
Hair loss Fatigue
Low sex drive Sleep Problems
Depression Gynecomastia
Mood swings Hot Flashes in Men
Sleeplessness Night Sweats in Men
Poor concentration Lower Sex Drive
Memory loss Irritability
Fatigue Depression
 Brain Fog Hair Loss
 Irritability Erectile Dysfunction
Urinary Problems
Memory Loss

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms please consult your physician as you might be a candidate for natural bioidentical hormone therapy.





  1. Irma Affiliate

    I am so glad that you have this site. It is difficult to find information on why this happens and what you can do to help yourself. I stopped drinking soy lattes because I was not sure if the soy beverage was making my life worse! I do believe that we are aging faster than we should mainly due to unhealthy foods and the effects of chemicals in our homes/lives.
    I tried to find information on bio-identical hormones a couple of years ago, and ended up at Amazon reading reviews, but found myself no wiser than before. Do you think that there is a way to slow down this process or are we tied to our fate?

    • Angela

      I definitely think that we can slow down the process simply because we have sped up the process by mistreating our bodies. I actually had my hormone levels tested and am using the natural bioidentical hormone therapy. It is absolutely changing my life. Go to BodylogicMD.com I am not sure where you ae located. I do know these guys have a lot of information and are located throughout the US. See if they can give you some more information.


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