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One aspect of our health is the environment.  It has direct  and indirect impact on our health.  It includes the air we breath, the weather, produces the food we eat, among a variety of other things. One thing that we can do to make this world a healthier place to be is recycle.  We can’t do it alone but everyone needs to do their part in order to make a difference.  Below are some fun ideas.  We gotta do it.  Why not make it fun? Right?

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

You can pick whatever theme you like.  I just happen to choose fall but Christmas, Baby, July 4th, (the possibilities are endless).


Several empty toilet paper rolls

spray paint

super glue

small theme decorations

bow (or not)






  1. Take toilet paper roll and flatten.  Measure 1/2 to 3/4 inch stripes on toilet paper roll marking where you will cut.  (I prefer thicker when making a wreath).
  2. Cut rolls into ovals
  3. Take ovals and glue together into flower shape.  Be careful with the superglue and don’t glue your fingers together.  (I like superglue because you don’t have to pin stuff together.  It dries quick)
  4. Take the flowers and paint what any color you want them to be.  It is easier to paint them right now and then glue them together into the wreath then vise versa.
  5. Once they are dry, glue them into the wreath pattern.
  6. Add small them decorations.


My Final Product!


Recycled Bottles for Decorations

My Final Product!

Want to add a new look to a room? This will do the trick!


bottles  ( I used a Hennessy, Ciroc, and Hypnotic bottles.)

Spray texture

burlap or twine

super glue

Instructions:   Take bottles and make sure they are clean and dry.  Lightly spray with texture. The bottle will not be all the way covered you will have to do another coat.  The texture will run if you spray it on too heavy. Stand on end and let dry.  About 2-4 hours.  Lightly spray again.  Stand on end and let it dry overnight.  The spray texture will expand.  Take burlap or twine and place around the neck of the bottle and secure with a little spot of super glue.


Note:  You could put dried flowers or cotton in these and they would look fabulous!


  1. Jeannie Brickley

    Hi Angela.

    What very cute ideas. I hate to throw away my toilet paper rolls. They look so interesting. I love the wreaths.

    The bottles are cute too. I was wondering if you could make angels out of them somehow.

    I love the idea of making useful or decorative articles out of things you would normally throw away. Thanks for the ideas. You left me wanting more.

    Thanks for the ideas.


    • Angela

      I am sure you could make angles.  I will keep adding ideas as I come across them or make more.  I just happened to have actually made these myself.  I would love for others to share their ideas!

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