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“Stress is a Killer”

America’s mindset today is “the bigger the better.” “The more it costs the more its worth.” “Get it now and pay later.” These ideas are just not smart. Our government is a prime example with our national debt at all-time record high which no one can pay for.

Frugal living doesn’t mean choosing poverty and it certainly doesn’t mean giving up quality. Many millionaires are millionaires not because they became famous or because they inherited money. They are self-made millionaires who worked hard, made sacrifices and chose to spend their money wisely. I am not saying that all of us that work hard, make sacrifices and spend our money wisely will become millionaires but we can certainly live much more comfortable and carefree out from under the stress of owing someone else our paycheck.

When it comes to the holidays, materialism get blown totally out of proportion.  People spend money they don’t have and find themselves in debt for the rest of the year.  Start saving money now in June for December.  Here are some ideas that might help relieve the stress of the Christmas holidays.

1. Pay cash. If you can’t pay cash don’t buy it. Stop using those credit cards. Credit cards are a trap. The only way you should use a credit card is if you pay it off in full every month. Otherwise cut it up! Charging something on a credit card and then paying it out over time ends up costing you double sometimes even triple the original cost of the item. You would be better off saving up a couple of months and paying cash then charging it and them trying to pay the credit card off. The interest eats you up.

2. Eat at home. Pack your lunch and take it to work. Eating lunch out everyday cost anywhere from $10-$15 a day. If you pack your lunch, you cut that cost down to about $2-$3 per lunch or even less if you are throwing left overs away at home. That’s a savings of $160-$240 a month. Not to mention, if you cut down the eating out during dinner time and eat at home as a family. That’s additional savings on top of the $200 a month.

3. Compose a budget. Budget your income at the beginning of the each month. Assign a set portion of your income to your major expenses ahead of time. This will help ensure that you don’t waste money. (Major expenses being: Rent/Mortgage, utilities, food, car payment, gas, insurance, savings, misc.) This helps you know what goes where and how much you have left after all is paid so you don’t overspend.

4.  Make your gifts. My family did this last year.  We set a budget of $25 per person.  The goal was to see what you could make for $25.  The outcome was astronomical.  It was decided that we are going to do it from now on.  The gifts were better than what could have been store bought.  They were personalize and no one was broke when January rolled around!

5. Buy used or discounted new. You can get just about anything you need either used or discounted new. You just have to know where to look. Don’t pay full price for anything. Big Lot’s, Ross Dress for Less, Nike Outlet, The Dump, etc. are just examples of stores that you can get discounted new items. These stores have sales and coupons on discounted new items as well. Garage Sales, furniture rent-a-centers, thrift stores and in this day and time the internet is a wonderful resource. Go through EBates.com to get discounts on most stores you would buy from anyway.   eBay is an excellent place to find new and used items as well.  Click here to find instant deals you can’t refuse!  You will be surprised what you will find and how inexpensive it is once you start looking. No one will know the difference. You will become addicted!

6.  Re-gift those items that you have receive and will never use.  They are just sitting there.  Make them worth something.  I had candles sitting in my office that I had never used.  I wrapped those bad boys up and gave them to my daughter who loves candles and had just bought a new house.  She loved them!






  1. Neil R C

    I’m not American, but us British tend to have the same mindset, especially when it comes to getting something now and paying later for it. I can certainly see why having this type of wrong mindset leaves folks in debt they struggle to pay off.

    I also couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to millionaires. Look into Gary Vaynerchuck (co-founder of Vayner Media), for example, he worked extremely hard throughout his 20’s, made a ton of sacrifices and re-invested most of his earnings back into his business. Rather than blowing money on luxuries, he’s an extremely wise guy.

    Your tips here for saving money and making it last longer are truly appreciated, especially #1. If I can’t afford something, I save up until I can afford it. It’s not worth getting in debt over luxuries because it puts the strain on finances even more.


    • Angela

      Yes! The stress of debt is not worth our health. Somehow things have gotten so out of perspective. When we spend money we don’t have we are just inviting stress upon ourselves. I just wish that We could refocus on what is really important and that is loving each other. We would live much healthier and happier lives. Thank your for sharing. It is always good to get a different point of view.


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